The best online casinos of 2020

Compared to land-based casinos, playing in an online casino is much more convenient and enjoyable, because you do not have to leave a cozy home anywhere. There are hundreds of online casinos, and making your choice is often a daunting task.

In this situation, our site will come to the rescue of you, because we tested and selected the top rated casinos online that exist on the network today. These sites - market leaders - are listed below, and we can safely recommend any of them to you.

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Rating of the most reliable and honest online casinos 2020

There are several reasons why these casinos are leaders in the market, but above all, they all leave customers with a much more positive experience than others. If you want to get the most from gambling online, then you should definitely pay attention to one of these sites.

All the online casinos on our list have an impeccable reputation and are trustworthy. We carefully checked each of them and are confident that any other website on the network cannot be compared with their level of service and variety of offers.

Below on this page you can learn more about our methodology for evaluating and testing online casinos before recommending them to you. In addition to describing the rating process, we have added additional recommendations for those who are looking for an online casino that meets certain criteria.

And finally, we supplemented the section with useful information and tips that we are sure will be useful to all gambling fans.

Top Online Casinos by Category

Our next selection contains site recommendations in more specialized categories. They will be useful to those players who have specific wishes for online casinos. When evaluating such sites and compiling a rating, we pay special attention to those criteria that are basic for each category.

If you do not have special requirements or the listed categories do not quite match what you are looking for, then we recommend using our recommendations of the best sites at the top of the page. They are suitable for most gambling enthusiasts, and each of them is excellent in all major categories.

Top Casinos

About our recommendations

We are proud that as a result of the huge constantly done work, our recommendations reflect the current state of affairs in the field of gambling and offer the best sites with online casinos. We ourselves play gambling and know very well how big the difference is between a first-class online casino and a second-rate site. We want our readers to enjoy and have the best gaming experience.

To do this, our ratings must be both truthful and relevant. In the field of online casinos, everything does not stand still, so we have to constantly monitor changes and accordingly change recommendations. If a casino from our rating allows itself to lower its standards, this will immediately be reflected in our rating. The same will happen if any gambling site makes a quantum leap forward. In addition to the old proven sites, we study new online casinos and compare their advantages and disadvantages with sites from our ranking.

The work on maintaining the relevance and veracity of the rating requires a significant investment of time in the study and testing of online casinos. Among other things, we compare the key indicators of the casino. We consider and evaluate a number of important factors in order to decide whether a site meets our criteria and whether it is worthy to be included in the ranking.

Some factors are key, some are less important, and this is also taken into account in our ranking. This primarily refers to the evaluation of sites in specific categories. For example, when evaluating the best bonuses at an online casino, we give priority to the loyalty system and bonuses at registration.

In general, we pay the most attention to the following factors:

Top Casinos

There is no doubt that the first factor from the list is the most important. It is absolutely impossible that we will advise you about the casino without being sure of its complete safety. Although most online casinos are entirely legal and honest, there are also those that should be by all means.

All the other factors listed above have a different degree of importance for each person. Although some of the items on this list are individual, still most of these factors are important for many gambling enthusiasts. That is why we pay so much attention to each of them.

Online Casino Honesty

Many who are attracted by the idea of ​​playing online casinos hesitate to start, as they doubt the honesty of the game. Another part of gambling enthusiasts already plays online, but cannot fully enjoy the process, because they are not sure that they have fair chances of winning. We fully understand these concerns. However, in reality they are mostly groundless.

Casino games are gambling in which winning or losing primarily depends on luck. Any casino is always in a better position than players. The expression "casino advantage" means that the income of a gambling establishment is not based solely on luck - its mathematical model guarantees its benefits. This does not mean that you cannot win. There are days when many players are lucky and the casino loses money, but in the long run it will always be in the black.

The people who run online casinos are usually very smart. Definitely they are smart enough to understand that they do not need to cheat in order to make a profit. This is simply not necessary. After all, as we wrote above, the "advantage of the casino" already guarantees income. All that remains for them to do is to attract new gambling enthusiasts and ensure their enjoyment of the game.

It is on this that the activities of self-respecting online casino operators are focused. Their primary goal is to provide quality service and appeal to as many players as possible, because it is satisfied customers who make a profit. But, alas, the reality is that sometimes there are scams or overly greedy operators who open their casinos only in order to trick players into a thread. As a rule, they do not exist for very long. As soon as users find out about the fraud, the influx of new players stops.

And although there are fraudulent casinos online, you can easily avoid the danger. To do this, it is enough to stick to legitimate and honest sites with an impeccable reputation, which we recommend. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy the full variety of services and at the same time not to worry about being deceived.

Acquaintance with the game online

Registration is the first thing to do after choosing a site for the game. Opening an account in an online casino usually requires the provision of certain data, such as your name, address and date of birth. You will also have to choose a nickname under which you will play on the site, and a password. On some sites you will need to download a special program, but don’t worry - there’s nothing complicated about it. After registration, you can replenish your account and start playing.

Although it’s really easy to start playing online casinos, we know that some users may have concerns or doubts about how to do this. In order to dispel fears and help get comfortable, we have prepared a guide for beginners on playing in online casinos. It will help you better understand the work of online casinos and give a number of consistent tips to start the game.